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We help Entrepreneurs and Startups with Technology Coaching. We assist Brands / Businesses with Technology Consulting in Development and Engagement using Transits with Experiential and Quantum Marketing.




We provide you with a well vetted pool of quality resources, which gives you an exclusive networking community in all the specialized niche markets needed for a business to succeed.


Consider us the "Ultimate Middleman" (professionally known as a Growth Architect ) to assist in the building of your business / brand.



Rabbi Yonason Goldson, The keynote speaker with 3000 years experience

"I really enjoy collaborating with Robb. We create great strategies and campaigns together."

Robb Cheeks really enjoys working with Yonason on implementing ethics into the world.



Rabbi Yonason Goldson, The keynote speaker with 3000 years experience

Sound boarding

Sound boarding

Eric Adams - NYC Mayor

"Robb is an excellent listener. He knows how to take a complex situation and show you the Layman Terms way of seeing it."

Robb Cheeks congratulates Eric on a great mayoral race and look forward to supporting him in running NYC,


Sound boarding

Eric Adams - NYC Mayor

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We teach you how to fish instead of bringing the fish to you


Our Free ebook is "Attitude of Gratitude"

There are so many benefits to living a life of gratitude. It will make you much more optimistic about your future and it will help you to attract more good things in your life. There are physical and mental health benefits as well. 

Practicing gratitude regularly will strengthen your immune system and help you cope better with stress.

Our commitment to gratitude is providing this ebook to make sure you understand the Attitude for Gratitude for free. Click the following button below to receive your ebook.


If you want your audience to learn more about AI, Avatars, the Metaverse or Web 3 - let's sit down and discuss it

Our Services

Building your Brand / Business


  • Offering Coaching to Entrepreneurs / Start-ups
  • Offering Consulting to solidify all ideas / concepts into a roadmap
  • Provide Roadmap to Measure Success with your Business / Brands
  • Provide Mobile, Promixity and Quantum Marketing Strategies
  • Develop and Manage Mobile, Proximity and Quantum Marketing Campaigns
  • Provide Direct Refferals and Engagements to our Strategic Partners
  • Provide Mobile Solutions such as QR Codes, SMS, Beacons, Bluetooth, NFC and Geofencing
  • Develop Experiential Campaigns to better understand your customers / clients
  • Teach you to understand the planetary patterns with your authenic self using Transits
  • Engage in Licensing and Distribution for your Brand
  • Provide strategies for your Brand / Business to engage with Chat GPT Technology
  • Expanding your Business / Brands into Web 3.0 and the Metaverse
  • Giving your Business / Brands a Competitive Advantage with Ethics


The Focus for 2023

There is a lot of excitement around the potential of the Metaverse, as it offers new opportunities for social interaction, entertainment, and commerce. It is seen as a natural evolution of the internet, as it brings together many of the existing online activities like gaming, social media, and e-commerce into a single, seamless experience.

Web 3.0 and the Metaverse are closely related because they both rely on blockchain technology to enable decentralized and secure transactions. In the Metaverse, blockchain technology is used to create digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded just like physical assets in the real world.

Overall, the development of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse represents an exciting new chapter in the evolution of the internet, and it will be interesting to see how these technologies continue to develop and shape our digital future.


Rolemodel.AI, the revolutionary game that empowers you to create and customize your own personal AI assistant for personal growth and productivity.

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to connect with other AI programs and platforms, streamlining your workflows, automating your tasks, and saving you time.

Whether you're interested in learning game development, improving your nutrition, or mastering a new language, Rolemodel.AI provides a unique and engaging way to achieve your goals.


Discover what we can do for You, Brands and Businesses

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

A Business Coach helps you Indentify and Clarify your Knowledge, Training and Experience in a Niche Market. 

The Business Coach will show you the Proper Way to Maximize those Skills and Talents in Time and Space (Proximity)


Once we Identify the type of Work, Service and/or Product that you feel the World Needs, Robb Cheeks Coaching will start Creating your Roadmap and Business Plan to Teach you the  Strategic ways to Profit from your Passion.

Human Design Chart

Human Design Chart

Your Human Design Chart is a tapestry woven from ancient wisdom and cosmic energies. Through Astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Chakra system, this comprehensive system offers profound insights into your true nature.


Each component of your chart, including your Type, Authority, Centers, Channels, and Gates, represents a puzzle piece in the grand design of your life. Unlock the mysteries as you explore the intricate connections within your chart.

Brand / Business Consulting

Brand / Business Consulting

When a Company Needs to Outsource Marketing Efforts, it is often time to seek out a Brand / Business Consultant.

Brand / Business Consultant is an Outside Advisor who works with Companies to Create and Implement Marketing Strategies and Campaigns.

A Brand / Business Consultant will Create a Detailed Marketing Plan, determine a Business's Marketing Message and Identify the Appropriate Marketing Mix to get the Message out to the Target Market.


Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

The Mission of Robb Cheeks Coaching and Consulting is to Educate, Coach and Consult Individuals / Brands / Businesses on Strategic Concepts to Utilize Experiential Psychology to Engage their Community of Followers with Innovative Mobile Marketing and Public Relations Strategies and Campaigns.

Since both Marketing and Public Relations were created with Psychology, Robb Cheeks Coaching and Consulting focuses on the Engagement, Influence and Implementation Factors of Human Behavior by Creating Interactive Experiences using Mobile Technology with your Community of Followers.


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